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Tim Clark is a lawyer/musician/wildlife enthusiast currently working as a legal adviser in the not for profit sector in north west London.  Having freelanced successfully as a trumpet player for several years, a collapsed embouchure meant that Tim eventually settled down to a 'proper' job in law.  The more regular hours, greater boredom(!), and better pay(!?) has enabled him better to follow his love of the natural world.   The purpose of his website is to provide information, articles and 'travellers' tales' for fellow wildlife enthusiasts and for those who wish to travel and see wildlife. 

The information on the site is not provided by scientists or ‘experts’ (unless otherwise stated), but by ordinary people like Tim who simply enjoy watching and reading about wildlife. A feature of the site is regular updates from the Serengeti in Tanzania on the progress of the Great Wildebeest Migration and other wildlife movements. There are also reports from around the world about the rich and varied wildlife experiences that can still be found - if you know where to look. 

So if you want to find out more about wildlife travel around the globe, links to relevant sites, and books, videos and DVDs about wildlife, read on! 

We hope you enjoy the site!




Are you a fellow wildlife enthusiast? Do you enjoy travelling to see wildlife? Do you have interesting information or experience to share? If so we would welcome your contributions or comments which can be included on future updates of the site. Email Tim at mailto:TimClark@wildlifetravel.net


In Association with Amazon.co.uk


In Association with Amazon.co.uk