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The links below are to sites that offer unparalleled information about wildlife and the natural world, travel information or travel possibilities:


Wildersun Safaris    (excellent Tanzanian safari company that I can personally vouch for)

African Safari    (new US based company offering imaginative customised itineraries to Tanzania) 

The Africa Travel Resource    (impressive amount of information here on all matters safari in Tanzania)

Serengeti National Park     (Official Website of the Serengeti National Park)

Ultimate Africa Safaris (US based safari company) (Ground-breaking South African based safari company offering tours for disabled people)

Eyes on Africa (US based safari company offering a variety of safari experiences in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Zambia, Malawi, Seychelles Islands, and East Africa). Africa Safari Travel - Luxury Lodges, First Class Tours, Trips, Wildlife Safaris, Nature Expeditions & Customised Travel Arrangements.

Just Safaris (English based safari company offering safaris to Eastern and Southern Africa) 

Taga Safaris offers African safaris with a South African tour operator offering tailormade safaris to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi and Zambia.

Africanet     (Information, history and factsheets on Africa)

Africam      (Live images from African waterholes) (Informative travelogue of the northern Tanzania safari circuit).

Ecotourism in Brazil (Fascinating website providing information about wildlife and ecotourism in Brazil) (Provides information about India wildlife travel, wildlife resorts in India, wildlife portal India, national park in India, wildlife safari in India, and more other wildlife travel related activates in India).

SITES OFFERING OTHER WILDLIFE EXPERIENCES: (Website of the fantastic Carpathian large Carnivore Project) 

Travelpack  (excellent tours of India for the independent traveller)

Wild World India (Indian safari operator owned and run by a group of naturalists)

Indian Wildlife Club

UK Wolf Conservation Trust

The Santago Rare Leopard Project

Travel to India 

If you book with Wildersun Safaris or Travelpack, kindly mention this site when you do so.

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY AND ART BASED SITES: (Wonderful opportunity to learn about wildlife photography and film-making from a top wildlife photographer in a beautiful New Zealand setting).

African Wildlife Photography   (Wildlife, wildlife photos, and information on African Wildlife destinations) 

David Hemmings Wildlife Photography Courses (UK based photography courses by leading photographer) (Website offering Wildlife Tours and Wildlife Film-makers' Training) (Wildlife photos taken by wildlife biologists for sale over the internet)  

Gary Mead - Wildlife Artist

African Wildlife Paintings - Online Wildlife Art Gallery promoting the African wildlife painting of wildlife artist Rudi Carstens

Jungle Stories (Enchanting and educational stories about animals in Africa beautifully illustrated in watercolour, perfect for children's reading)


World Wildlife Fund for Nature

National Geographic

Scientific Exploration Society

Official Alaska State Travel Website

Wanderlust Magazine

Foreign Office     (Travel information from the British foreign & Commonwealth Office)  





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