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Award winning wildlife cameraman Robert Brown (based near Dunedin, New Zealand) has been filming animals for the past 25 years for the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery Channels.  Below are some of his beautiful and striking photographs.

The Giant Petrel chick on its nest; the Elephant Seal pups; and the adult Mollymawk on it nest were taken when he was on location in the Auckland Islands, filming a documentary about the Sub Antarctic.



'Robert and the Sealion' (below) was taken when a national newspaper was doing a feature article on "A day in the life of a wildlife cameraman. " There was supposed to be a journalist in shot as well, but apparently he ran away.

Robert advises; "DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME !"

Finally, 'Robert with Elephant', was taken while filming a documentary in Sri Lanka, on the plight of the last of the wild Elephants in that country.


If you want to learn about wildlife photography and/or film-making on the unspoiled Otago Peninsula (Dunedin, New Zealand), whilst staying in the comfort of Robert and his wife Christine's own home, you can visit his website at!