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(6) Photography Days

Photography Days

Event #: 6
Location: WWUK Centre, South Shropshire
Cost: 70.00

Date Places Note
Sunday 7th September, 2003 7
Sunday 14th September, 2003 7
Sunday 21st September, 2003 7

Wild encounter

From 10.30am to 4.30pm, this is a day created specifically for wildlife photography at the Wolf Centre and includes lunch. Opportunities to photograph both the resident deer and wolves will feature.


On alternate days, Mike Wilkes & Chris Cray, professional wildlife photographers.

(12) Photography Workshop at Wildwood

Photography Workshop at Wildwood

Event #: 12
Location: Herne Bay, Kent
Cost: 65.00

Date Places Note
Friday 9th May, 2003 6
Thursday 31st July, 2003 6

Wild encounter

This is a fantastic opportunity to improve your photography skills. Spend the day in the company of a professional wildlife photographer learning all the expert hints, tips and techniques to capture that perfect wildlife image. Your setting for this unique experience is Wildwood Discovery Park, which has an amazing collection of British mammals, including pine martens, beavers and wild boar. All the animals live in large, natural enclosures in ancient oak woodland, and you will even be able to spend time inside some of the enclosures, for example, the foxes and wildcats, so there's no excuse for missing that perfect shot!


Terry Whittaker is a widely respected freelance photographer, whose varied wildlife assignments take him all around the world.


Meeting at 10.00am, you will spend the day practising your photography skills on a variety of species under Terry's watchful eye and expert tuition. The workshop will continue until 3.00pm, with a break for lunch. You will need to bring your own camera, but extra equipment, such as tripods, can be provided on request.


Terry Whitaker has also recently started leading photographic safaris to Kenya in conjunction with Somak.  Click here for details.

(38) Wildlife Photography in the Inner Hebrides

Event #: 38
Location: Isle of Coll, Hebrides
Cost: 18.00

Date Places Note
Tuesday 10th June, 2003 15 Event finishes Monday 16th June, 2003

Wild encounter

Escape to the beautiful Hebridean Isle of Coll! This is a thrilling opportunity to learn first class wildlife photography skills under the expert guidance of a professional photographer. The Isle of Coll has an amazing variety of habitats that offer rich photographic opportunities. Rocky outcrops are feeding grounds for coastal otters, while hay meadows strewn with flowers hide the elusive corncrake. Nearby is the isle of Lunga, a 'mecca' for puffins and grey seals, where you may also see whales and dolphins.


Chris Gommersall, an ex-photographer for the RSPB, is internationally renowned for his wildlife images. As a zoologist and botanist, he is very keen to promote wildlife conservation.


Your practical photography week will include field trips, tutorial slide shows and talks about the island's wildlife.


You will stay in a superior modern field centre overlooking a magnificent bay.

(42) Photography Workshop at Santago Rare Leopard Project

Photography Workshop at Santago Rare Leopard Project

Event #: 42
Location: Welwyn, Hertfordshire
Cost: 15.00

Date Places Note
Saturday 21st June, 2003 20
Wednesday 13th August, 2003 20

Wild encounter

If you love big cats, then this is the day for you! Santago Rare Leopard Project is home to some of the world's most endangered cats, including black panthers, clouded leopards, snow leopards and persian leopards. Special viewing holes have been incorporated into the cages, enabling you to achieve realistic and clear shots of these amazing creatures. During the workshop you will receive personal attention from your guide to help you to perfect your photography technique.


Terry Whittaker is a widely respected freelance photographer, whose varied wildlife assignments take him all around the world.


The workshop will start at 3.00pm and will continue until 7.00pm.

To make a booking for the above two trips, or to receive a brochure, call the PTES on 020 7498 4533 or email them.   Alternatively you can visit their website for further information. 


Email mikelane@nature-photography.co.uk with questions or comments about this event or visit his website at http://www.nature-photography.co.uk/ml/myweb14/Falconry%20day.html 


Wildlife Photographic Courses

David Hemmings runs different photographic courses, Special Events and Photo Breaks; amongst these are: -

Rare Owls - There will be many species for you to photograph both in their natural environment and in wonderful close-up.  The strikingly beautiful birds will be taken to a nearby forest where some fantastic shots will be set up for you.  A full mornings tuition will also be given on wildlife techniques including the use of flash to help you take some memorable shots.

Birds of the Rainforest - Two walk-through aviaries and spectacular free-flying birds.  Set in over 6 acres, you will have the chance to photograph the vibrant colours of Macaws, Lorikeets, Touracoa and Barraban Parakeets either inthe open or in superb tropical rainforest, where they perch on branches and leaves.  you will also have the opportunity to shoot Hornbills, Red-billed Magpies and Toucans, all in natural settings.

Brilliant Reptiles - Learn how to photograph many different species of eye-catching reptiles at Paradise Park. An expert handler and guide will take Iguanas, Geckos, Skinks and many other exciting reptiles out of their tanks and vivariums and place them in natural backgrounds for them to be photographed. 

Brilliant Butterflies - Stratford-upon-Avon has Europe's largest Butterfly Farm and it features a main flight of over a thousand butterflies along with the Giant Atlas Moth.  There are also two Ruby Throated Emerald Hummingbirds, Giant Snails and Black Widow Spiders. 

David Hemmings also does an event at Santago called Big Cats and is discussing the possibility of an event with the Wolves at Beenham. For further information, visit his website at