(63) A Close Encounter with Wolves

Sundays 1, 15, 29 September
Saturday 5, Sundays 13, 20 October
Saturday 2, Sunday 10 November 2002

Set up in 1993,Wolf Watch UK is dedicated to the conservation of wolves. In 1997 its wolf conservation centre was established as a rescue centre for displaced wolves. At present the centre is home to five wolves, including two Canadian wolves, Kgosi and Maddadh, and three Canadian timber wolves, called Nouska, Luna and Sashia. Kgoshi and Maddadh were hand-reared in the family kitchen, and are consequently fully socialised to humans. You will be able to stroke them if you wish. 

Our leader will be Tony Haighway who is the director of the Wolf Conservation Project.

Location: Mainstone, Shropshire

Places: 15 per event

Cost: 25 

Tony will start at 2.00pm with an introductory talk, after which he will take you around the centre to meet his wolves. You will be able to stroke those wolves that are habituated to humans if you wish and at your own risk. You can also have a guided walk around the valley. The afternoon should finish by 4.30pm.